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Metal and Carbon Fiber Pattern

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All Power Equipment that is currently in stock or can be ordered in. For more information, just click on the pictures below!

STIHL Accessories

Cover for Battery Slot

To cover the battery bay at the bearings of all STIHL cordless tools.

Only $19.90

Connecting Cable with AP Adapter

Retrofit kit for AR 900 battery for operation of the BGA 100 with connecting cable. AP adapter and connecting cable for operation of the other battery powered products.

Only $149

AP Adapter

Make it possible to transfer energy between an AR battery and tool with AP socket.

Only $73.95

Connecting Cable

AR to AP connecting cable.

Only $178

Blank Cover/Display AK Battery

To cover the battery slot on battery power tools in the STIHL COMPACT battery power system range. Protects against dust and dirt during longer periods of storage.

Only $19.90

Foot Mounting Kit

To keep your STIHL HTA and HLA Power Equipment clean and off the ground.

Only $45.50

Catcher Plate

Designed to make clean up easier.

It will suit HSA, HLA and HSE STIHL Power Equipment.

Only $37.80

Flat Nozzle

Make heavy or wet blowable materials easier to remove because of the high air speed.

Only $20.50